FBcombo is a software package designed to automate work on Facebook. This program has been in development since January 2016 and provides an effective solution for automating social activity on Facebook accounts. FBcombo is regularly updated to keep pace with Facebook’s constant changes. The program offers a high level of anonymity, efficient work algorithms, and security for Facebook accounts. FBcombo utilizes unique action algorithms that enable users to safely and almost entirely automate their account’s work.

With version 5.01 of our program, you can now set daily tasks for Facebook accounts that will be executed for a week or a month, thus simulating the real-life activity of an ordinary user’s account.

FBcombo offers a variety of modes, which are constantly updated in response to Facebook’s changing environment. Users can choose from five friend invitation modes that filter accounts by geography, gender, names, and interests. If a mode is not relevant for the account, users can switch to another mode or set a queue. The program also offers the ability to clear accounts of unnecessary friends using various filters.

Users can also develop pages and groups by inviting other users to follow or join. Additionally, the program can automatically post in the feeds of accounts and groups, and leave comments on posts defined in profiles, pages, and groups. FBcombo allows users to clear their feeds and refuse invites that did not work, providing an efficient and streamlined experience.

The FBcombo tool offers a range of useful features to help automate and manage Facebook accounts. One of these features is “Liking”, which enables accounts to react to posts with likes in profiles, pages, groups, news feeds, and advertising posts. Another feature is “Account Pumping”, which allows accounts to surf the internet on specified sites, receiving new cookies for greater trust from Facebook.

The program also includes a special mode that enables accounts to receive “interests from Facebook”, which is essential for launching successful advertising campaigns. Additionally, the FBcombo tool can automatically create pages for use in advertising and to increase account trust.

To emulate human behavior, the program allows accounts to surf the news feed, wish friends happy birthday, leave random reactions on news and advertising posts, invite participation in donations and voting, and send random messages or respond to specific messages from certain accounts.

The tool also provides statistics on account activity, allowing users to choose the right strategy for managing their accounts. It also includes features for collecting necessary groups for work, filling out personal information, and handling blockages when possible.

Finally, there is a manual mode for fine-tuning accounts to suit specific needs. Overall, FBcombo is an effective tool for automating and managing Facebook accounts.

The FBcombo software package provides a variety of features, including working with proxies, generating unique profiles for each account, saving cookies, collecting information about accounts, and obtaining tokens to work with ads in other programs. The latest version of FBcombo is designed to manage multiple licenses from one panel, allowing users to manage multiple servers. It is also possible to divide accounts into groups and filter them by nearly 20 parameters for efficient selection.

Due to the continuous changes to Facebook’s interface and algorithms, FBcombo is constantly improving and updating. Technical support is available to provide advice on how to use the program and minimize account blocking. Updates are made almost every day throughout the life of the program, and a user chat is available for users to ask questions and receive advice.

The program is updated frequently and can be updated several times a day. The update procedure is made as easy as possible and all updates are free, without any additional payments required.


You can always buy the program HERE: https://t.me/iskrakovrov

Program website:  https://soft.fbcombo.com